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Our Beginnings

Founded in 1979 by Tim and Paula Davis and originally named Southern California Appraisal Company our company changed its name to SCA Appraisal Company in 1995 based on increasing our service area throughout the entire state of California. 1997 saw the SCA’s first assignments outside the state of California when we increased our coverage to include the neighboring states of Nevada and Arizona. SCA Appraisal Company has been providing our insurance clients over three decades of the highest quality appraisal services from the finest people in the industry.

From our small beginnings SCA now locally and regionally employs over 120 professionals to handle operations, call center services, financial services, marketing and sales. This count is separate from our strategic partners that comprise our franchise and claim handling networks throughout the country. The SCA Team makes all the difference and it shows through the high level of customer service and satisfaction enjoyed by our clientele.


More Than Just an Appraisal Company

SCA is relevant in the insurance industry as more than just an outstanding appraisal firm. Our company provides integration assistance and Smartphone/ Tablet app technology to our customers and partners in order to better facilitate everyone’s end goal of a satisfied vehicle owner. With our technology-forward vantage point we will always strive to remain as the leader in our field.

With decades of industry experience, the smartest employees, a top tier technology department and millions of completed claims our customers know what to expect from SCA – the best independent appraisal product. Since there is no such thing as a ‘typical’ customer, SCA has always been on the front lines of innovation. During the mid-90’s when digital photography was in its infancy SCA was there working to provide customers with a higher caliber product using the first Kodak DC cameras. We still put our customer workflow first with the creation of client-specific guidelines and estimate audit rules which are provided on each assignment. Each team within SCA has a laser focus on quick cycle time, accurate estimating and great customer service.

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