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With technological advances in estimate audit controls and analytical operating processes SCA realized the importance of our franchises staying connected at all times. To stay ahead of the competition and provide our customers with the best possible service we contracted with AT&T in 2012 to provide our appraisers an affordable access to WiFi devices. Use of AT&T’s MyFi devices help to keep our network focused on servicing our customers by estimating and uploading at the vehicle. Appraisal partners can also manage their daily workload and are informed of same-day-upload potentials through the use of a sophisticated Smartphone app.

"We provide our staff with systems that enable them to effectively manage and quickly complete every customer assignment." - Robe- Robert Blake, CTO


Since technology is the centerpiece of our claim work flow process here are some of our tools:

  • Integrating claim data input from all sources
  • Automating dispatch to each appraiser
  • Engaging owners by using an intelligent phone system and consumer-facing portal for ongoing status
  • Managing open files using a cloud-based claims management tool
  • Providing access to WiFi technology and smartphone apps for our field network
  • Automating billing and delivery process to streamline and improve package accuracy
  • Conducting SMS, phone and email surveys to gauge owner satisfaction and answer questions  

App Technology

In the current data-driven environment the use of Smartphones and apps are part of everyone’s daily life. There is no reason to fight this wave in the appraisal industry but instead embrace it. Like the two other major technology shifts in our industry, digital estimating and digital cameras, the use of Wi-Fi enabled devices was introduced to improve speed, accuracy and ultimately customer satisfaction. We have developed and brought to market a smartphone/tablet app that is in use currently by not only by our network but also as a private licensed product for our customers.

 Our Streamline app can be configured to prompt the user to take specific photos by using easy to understand text and graphics. It allows the addition of existing photos from the gallery or inclusion of new shots. And don’t worry about spotty WIFI coverage because the app keeps trying to send until all the photos are uploaded successfully.






The ever improving benefit of working with SCA is our claims management system called Dashboard.  Through the use of Dashboard, SCA is perpetually refining and focusing our work flow to ensure our claims management process is the best in the business. Our cutting edge exception-based management, electronic auditing, and work flow systems allow SCA to pull ahead of the pack through adaptation to the most efficient processes.  

Dashboard is not just for our team but for yours as well. With a login obtained by your Account Coordinator our portal gives every adjuster the ability to assign, monitor, status, and review any files assigned to our company. Once uploaded all photos and related documents are immediately available for viewing and download. Reporting is also included as part of the package so we track and graphically display cycle time, claim concentration and severity within the website.


Blake Information Solutions

Blake Information Solutions, Inc. (BiS), a dynamic privately held corporation, believes in accelerating business performance! We do this by listening to our customers, then applying our expertise with intelligent processes that will increase productivity and connect the right people and systems, to the right information, at the right time.

The Blake Information Solutions Inc. Team is focused on developing and delivering application services designed for key market segments.

Our goal is to continue to innovate—while always making sure that we're focused on solving the problems of the customers who rely on our application services.




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