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Our Client Service Directors make sure to keep all SCA clients informed about new systems, technology or workflow improvements which could be beneficial. Each client is assigned a client service director based on territory. This individual ensures that our clients’ needs are continually being met on both a service as well as an ROI level. Your dedicated client service director will get to know you and your business in order to anticipate what services or products SCA offers will be of most benefit.

Wayne Cody
Senior Vice President
Client Service Group
  John Junk
Sr. Vice President Corporate Services
Client Service Group


Account Coordinators

Our Account Coordinators serve as a contact point for all SCA clients. AC GroupEach client is assigned an AC who will ensure that their clients daily needs are continually being met from a cycle time and file status perspective. Every AC gets to know their clients adjusters, business rules and assignment patterns so as to intercept and track any delays that might cause policy holder friction or a reduction in Net Promoter score.

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